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Business & Commercial Law

Reliable. Respect. Results.

Covering every aspect of business, our expert team would offer practical legal support to businesses of every size and at every stage, from starting out to growing and moving on. We will also assist with any necessary applications to the UK Visas & Immigration either for your business or your foreign members of staff.

We also provide advice on immigrationreal estate, landlord & tenant, civil litigationdivorce & family law,and criminal defence.

Business Contracts

You may not fully understand how the complex contract law would affect your business, but we will ensure you have the proper contracts and agreements. We can advise you or review the terms of the existing contract. We can also prepare all types of legal contracts, secure that the terms and conditions of the contract are suitable for your current and future business.  In addition, our litigation experts team would handle contract review and termination on behalf of clients to resolve various contract disputes quickly and effectively.

Business Structure & Governance

It is time-consuming and complicated to build a reasonable and efficient business structure.


If you are establishing a new business or updating a different business structure, you may need help to determine the most suitable trading tool and structure for your business. Further, you may also need the support required for ongoing company compliance. Our professional lawyers provide you with direct and comprehensive advice—— explaining all options and helping you make the best choice.


We provide legal advice on all areas of company law and corporate governance, including:  

Companies House filing requirements

Compliance with the Companies Act 2006

Constitutional document reviews

Directors' duties and conflicts of interest

Drafting articles of association

Preparing for and running board and general meetings

Removal of directors

Share capital matters including allotments

Shareholder consents and voting rights

Intellectual Property

We help you understand and make full use of laws related to intellectual property rights to ensure that your creations are fully protected, and you could make full use of your intellectual property rights.  We can also help you take action against anyone who attempts to use your intellectual property to copy or downplay your brand without your permission.

We provide legal advice on:

Buying, selling, and transferring intellectual property assets

Design rights

Domain name registrations, sales, and licensing

Establishing, exploiting, and enforcing copyright

Managing your brand

Protecting confidential information, know-how and trade secrets

Sponsorship rights

The acquisition and sale of intellectual property assets

Trade mark applications, registration, enforcement and licensing, including uk and eu trade marks

Trade mark portfolios

Business Succession & Asset Protection

Browan Solicitors can help you with issues including but not limited to family businesses and succession planning, disputes with directors and management or shareholder & divorce situations.


We provide legal advice on:

Abuse of director loan accounts

Asset removal & fraud

Attempts to dilute shareholder value

Directors breaching their fiduciary duties

Directors ignoring pre-emption rights

Directors setting up competing businesses

Directors unlawfully removing another director or adjusting the share register without any formal transfer of shares

Disagreement over corporate strategy and the direction of the business

Excessive pay for directors

General abuse of position by the directors.

General director incompetence

The failure to pay dividends

Understated dividends

OVER 23 Years of Accumulated Combined Practice Experience

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Please contact us to arrange an initial consultation to discuss your concerns.  Clients are kindly advised to note that an estimation of applicable total professional fees will be based on the complexities and developments in your matter.

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