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UK Tier 1 Investor Visa, Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa, 

Student Visa, Representative of an Overseas Business visa,etc.

UK Browan Solicitors ’ team of immigration experts  have an excellent reputation for its work in Immigration and Nationality Law. We have earnt our reputation by our care for our clients, tenacity in protecting our clients’ interests and consistency of our high success rate. We provide specialist advice and representation in all areas of Immigration and Nationality Law at all stages from initial application to appeal, administrative review and judicial review.



Commercial Property, Residential Property, 

Landlord & Tenant, etc.

UK Browan Solicitors has a great team of conveyancing experts. Whether you would like to buy or sell your commercial or residential property, our conveyancing specialists will ensure that the transaction progresses to completion smoothly, efficiently and expeditiously. Throughout the process, we will protect and promote your interest with tenacity.


We offer professional, efficient and cost-effective conveyancing services in: Purchase of Residential Properties; Sale of Residential Properties; Purchase of Commercial Properties; Sale of Commercial Properties; New Leases or Assignment of Leases.



Business & Commercial Law,  Court Matters & Litigation, 

Documents & Certifications, Employment Law, etc.

Whether you are starting, buying, managing or selling a business, and looking for legal advice or representation, our Business & Commercial Law specialists are here to help you. We offer practical legal solutions to individuals, small businesses and SMEs.


Setting up or buying a business is a very exciting process and your start will without doubt impact on the future of your business. That is why it is very important to make the right start. Taking the right legal advice at the start of your business can help you ensure prevention of future problems before they occur, which will help you avoid risks and save money that you would need to spend on fixing the problems.



Civil Litigation, Dispute Resolution,

Debt and Money Matters, Divorce & Family Law.

Civil litigation is the process of dispute resolution between individuals or companies through the court system. If you have a claim against an individual, company, local authority or government department, or you are defending a claim or threatened with a claim, our experienced civil litigation solicitors can provide you with specialist legal advice and representation. Our team of specialist civil litigation solicitors can represent you in your negotiations with your opponent, assist you in settling your dispute without going to court, prepare your claim or defence, and file your claim or defence at court. Whether you are the claimant or the defendant we will protect and promote your interests tirelessly and tenaciously.