About Us

UK Browan Solicitors is a professional law firm based in Central London. We protect your interests in all areas of Law, and provide services such as visa consultancy, commercial litigation, company law, real estate litigation, probate and estates. 


We are committed to providing the highest level of professionalism and expertise,so that you can be assured that your legal affairs are in the hands of established and reliable experts.

We are a creative and entrepreneurial law firm offering clients a highly effective and personalised legal service. With a dedicated team of solicitors and we are proud to offer most rigorous professional standards. Our aim is to maintain close and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.


We enjoy working with clients who appreciate creative legal solutions. We believe success is created by understanding business and having a clear focus and working with the best people to achieve your goals. We are a multi disciplinary practice and work collaboratively to provide a comprehensive service over all our practice areas.